Lawsuits are rampant!

ADA lawsuits are reaching epidemic levels. Everyday more businesses are served with lawsuits that result in settlement demands commonly ranging from $10,000 to $40,000. Only California Access Specialist (CASp) inspectors can offer you a level of protection as provided for under California Senate Bill 1608.

When you have your business inspected by a CASp inspector and perform the upgrades as outlined by the inspection report, you' ll be issued a certificate of compliance issued by the state of California stating that your premises have been inspected by a certified access specialist, that can be posted at the building entrance. This significantly protects you under California state law from lawsuits or money demands.

If you have a CASp inspection done and if corrections are required, we will provide you with a detailed report with photos that describe each condition or item that needs to be corrected, along with an allotted time allowed to make the corrections. This is considered the "determination pending" period. If this is done prior to any lawsuit brought forward, under California Law you can request an automatic stay against proceedings and it can be referred to a mediator rather than going through the expense of conventional court proceedings.

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